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Truck Glider Kits – Freightliner & Western Star

Our full-service truck glider kit program makes it easy to quickly get the right truck built for your haul requirements at considerable savings.

  • Custom Truck Setup: engine, turbo, ECM, drivetrain, suspension and more
  • New, Used and Surplus Truck Parts Options
  • Emissions Compliant Engines Available
  • Easy Process, Expert Service
  • Cost Savings, Factory Warranty, Financing Available

Truck glider kits offer great cost savings, are available in several models and are ideal for applications including: on-highway, long haul, logging and dump trucks, fuel/lube trucks, mechanics trucks and more.

We specialize in Freightliner and Western Star glider kits; the most complete glider kits on the market. New truck smell at considerable savings!

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  • Ready for a new vehicle, but not ready for the price?
  • Need to refurbish a truck?
  • Repairing a wrecked vehicle?
  • A fleet owner wanting to standardize costs and attract and keep good drivers?
  • Needing to update your truck due to emissions regulations?


  1. Rolling Glider Kit: no engine or transmission, includes axles and rear end. Supply your own or we have several new, used and surplus engines to choose from.
  2. Power Glider Kit: includes engine of your choice, but no rear axle, transmission, drive line or rear-end. Enables you to choose the Emissions Compliance level appropriate for the operating area of the truck.


  • Freightliner M2 Glider Kits
  • Freightliner Coronado Glider Kits
  • Freightliner Columbia Glider Kits
  • Western Star 4900 FA/SA/EX Glider Kits
  • Western Star 6900 XD Glider Kits

Truck Glider Kits Offer a Cost-Effective, Modern and Reliable Alternative That Can Save You Tens of Thousands of Dollars Over That of a New Truck!

A truck glider kit is a brand new truck from the assembly line, with a factory warranty, where the customer furnishes a combination of engine, transmission, drive-line and rear axle. Glider kits allow a customer to re-use major components from an existing truck or install fully warranted new or remanufactured components at a great cost savings.

Freightliner and Western Star glider kits include: ABS, air brakes, A/C, power steering, fuel tank, radiator, engine harness, exhaust system and several small details including clamps and hoses. The interior of the cab is showroom new.

We also offer brand new replacement cabs: Skeleton Cab, Service Cab  and Complete Cabs. Our Ridgefield full service semi truck body shop performs cab conversions.


Glider kits may qualify for FET tax exemptions and additional tax and cost savings.
Please call us to discuss your particular situation and options.

Supply your own parts or we have new, remanufactured and surplus engines, transmission and rear-ends.
Potential savings up to 40% over new truck purchase depending on customer supplied components.

Truck Glider Kit Warranty
Full factory backing with all new components, 1 year/100,000 mile warranty is standard; optional extended warranties available through Daimler Extended Coverage Group. Full engine warranties manufacturer Daimler Trucks North America will vary by engine manufacturer.





Semi Truck Glider Kits
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